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Karolina Winkowska in Dakhla, Morocco

Posted: May 3, 2012

Karolina Winkowska from Warsaw, Poland shows her kitesurfing skills at the first stop of the Kitesurfing Worldchampionship (PKRA) in Dakhla, Morocco. After two windless days, it finally started to blow and we had some sick sessions on the water.
Thanks to the sponsors: Slingshot Kiteboarding, Ford, Burn Energy Drink, ROXY
Main song: "Don't You Go Up The Sky" by Dewolff

Edited and shot by Oliver Marciniak

Tags: girls

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Karolina Winkowska 2013 world tour memories. Charging!
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Looks like it's blowing 2.0!
It was my second Winter in Asia in Boracay. Last year was quite hard for me. Too many injuries, and I could not really enjoy my time there. But...
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Naish International rider, Raquel Lima kitesurfing in Hawaii.
Suzanne Kuiper is showing her best skills in the massive waves of the legendary reef break at One Eye during the KSP tour in Mauritius 2012.
I spent my summer in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Here's a quick clip of my riding so far. Hope you enjoy!Thanks to Ewan, Rowdy, Nat and Anderson...
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Karolina went to Australia to practice before last 2 stops of 2012 Pkra world tour in China and New Caledonia. Filmed at Woodman's point and Bli...
After 10 weeks of kiting and laughing together we made a short movie. Watch, enjoy and share!:Kelly Schouten (Liquid Force), Nanette van der Snoek...
Bloopers of the Kitesurf Paradise shoot in Zanzibar, Barbuda, Corsica and Oman. I want to thanks all the persons I met during those travels and...
Phenomenal finish of 2012.Winning 3 World Cup's in a row Karolina Winkowska become 2012 PKRA World Champion!!!footage @ PKRA
I have been kiting two months in the amazing flat-water spots North of Brazil: Taiba, Cumbuco and Barra Nova. It is a true paradise: Friendly...
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