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Kiteboarding Ecuador

Sept 2, 2009

Author: Paul Menta

Ecuador is emerging as the newest kiteboarding destination on the planet. With great winds June to November and friendly locals it's no surprise Paul Menta loves it there.

"Since my first time kiteboarding in the late 90's in Ecuador, the areas have got a little more modern, but the conditions and the people are still as good as ever. Peru is right next door to this excellent kite spot. When you arrive in the Ecuador kiting spot "Brisas Veijas" (old wind) you see wide beaches, palapas, waves up wind, calm areas out front and the occasional spray of a whale.

Daily side shore winds and friendly people are the normal. The area has something for ever kiter and non kiter. Long down winders, waves to learn on and also to challenge even the best pro. The culture of the area helps you unwind and remember how simple things should be. My hosts Wvaladmir, Nicole and Davo  took us kiting in spots till our arms hurt and then lead us on tours of history and tradition that you will rarely find in the world. You will have many stories to tell about your adventures once you leave Ecuador." —Paul Menta

Airport : GYE? or Manta
Best Wind Moths: June- December
Best Surf: for Kite Surf;  late july-early december
Average Kites: 9m-12m
Cost Factor: Low
Local Tourism web:
Local Shop and School: humboldt kites,

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Getting There

Your can fly into Guyaquil airport and get a 3 hour ride to Manta, but the better way is fly into Quito, then flight into Manta. This year they should have flights directly from Miami to Manta.

Gear transportación and local rental options:
Car rental average 35 to 80 USD, there is a private shuttle with booking through the Kite House
You can get all inclusive with the kite house and you get a cheap complete package.
The Wind

18 to 25 knots, SW; side on wind, tradewinds, gets wind around 11.. 12noon

Ten must do:

  • Montecristi, where they make Panama Hats,and no they are first made in Ecuador and sent to Panama...can take 6 months to make one hat
  • Humpback whale watching or if your liucky kiting with them
  • Pacoche Tropical Rain Forest
  • Tuna factory tour
  • Breakfast at the local fish market
  • Isla de la Plata, poor mans galapagos
  • Surf and Sup Surf

Kite House Ecuador, “Villa Monica“, 20 to 35USD per night with breakfast, plus you get transport package as well.
3 to 5 Start hotels are also avaible in town.

Car rental:
Car rental average 35 to 120 USD per day
Taxi prices from 1 to 3 USD in the City, taxi to Kite Spot 7 to 10 USD
Local Pick up fisherman trucks 1,5 USD
Kite School Pick up and drop off 4 USD
Top Places to EAT
Breackfast and lunch, “Malecon Escenico” at the Murcielago beach in Manta, there are 20 diferent restaurants, but go for he “lucky number” the 13th Alcatraz cant go wrong with that, they have the best local and seafood in tonw, average 5-10USD.
At night there are great grill and pizza places arround the Flavio Reyes stree, where you can get a dinner for 5 to 10 USD

Any other local knowlegde
Is good to be arround someone local to show you arround the city

Spot guide
Local scene: very laid back with Ecuadorian kiters, but its huge so plenty of room
Best wind. Direction:
18 to 25 knots, SW; side on wind, tradewinds, get wind around 11.. 12PM
Access issues:
kite house offers guides to get you to the secret spots to get great waves
Local hazards: none
Ability level:beginner-pro
Fear factor: low... dollar is used here and people are helpfull and friendly



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