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BEST Kahoona

Jul 3, 2009

Author: SBC Test Team/Shane Thomson

Style: Four-line Delta SLE / Price: $1,399 / Wind Range(11.5 m2): 11-23 knots (Manufacturer Recommended Based on average rider weight of 75kg/165lbs)/ What’s new: Auto relaunch, mini V2P bridle system, Quad-strut design, reduced aspect ratio / Kahoona Safety Notice- Flying lines colour markings

Best Kahoona is a Delta-shaped four-line design that can equip the beginner to advanced level rider with stable and powerful pull, instant depower and remarkably easy water relaunch. Test Team members enjoyed the great low-end power and range of this 11.5 m, and were surprised at the easy jumping capability and long hang time of the Kahoona.

Key Kite Features
• Delta Canopy kite shape
• Mini V2P Bridles
• Reduced aspect ratio
• Quad-strut design
• Canopy Framing Technology
• One-pump inflation

Bar Setup and Safety Systems
• Name: Redline Safety System
• Colour-coded, carbon composite, 3-D molded EVA grip
• EVA bar end bumpers
• Bar floats with flagging line handles
• Pull-pull above-the-bar trim strap
• Centre red-line safety

On-water Performance

The Kahoona proves why Delta-shaped kites are becoming the predominant new SLE designs. Test Team members were happy to have this low-end grunt machine around when the wind tapered off. Good stability throughout and none of the funky steering or twitchiness they experienced with some of the earlier Delta shapes. They also found some good boosting capability and appreciated the smooth flying and quick pivotal steering of the Kahoona. Summing up the Kahoona’s performance, Test Team member, David Tran said: “Beginner and intermediates will really like this kite for its forgiving feel, easy relaunch, stable flying, good wind range and good boosting capability.” Depending on how the smaller sizes fly, Best may have a solid competitor for the Waroo in this kite.  

Reality Check

The Red-line Bar’s depower trim strap is hard to adjust when it gets tangled around the throw line. An updated system would be preferable.

Bottom Line

The Kahoona Delta shape delivers tons of power, easy and direct handling, and is an all round fun kite to ride. With the quick pivotal steering and excellent depower this kite is ideal for most riders, and is also a capable weapon for those oceanside, light wind wave days.

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