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Jul 3, 2009

Author: SBC Test Team/Shane Thompson

Style: Four-line SLE Hybrid  Wind Range (9m) : 15-28 knots, expert (180 lbs) / What’s new: Finely tuned shaping and A-KPO Bridle, new zigzag stitch in tight-weave webbing on LE, wing tip battens

The Test Team had some lit-up slick sessions on GK Trix 9 m. This kite has C-kite style; smooth, unhooked pull and that forgiving sweet spot which makes it ideal for wakestyle riders. Capable of smooth pivotal turning and stable drift at the edge of the window, the Trix can also hold its own in the surf.

Key Kite Features
• Lower Aspect Ratio wakestyle and wave kite
• Strut profile for controlled and predictable power
• Heavy duty Dacron framing, LE seam and strong build
• A-KPO bridle system
• One-pump inflation system

Bar Setup and Safety Systems
• GK Click-n-Go Bar
• Swivel with a leashed front line flagging system
• New push away CL release with easy-click reload
• New stopper and quick adjust
• Flagging lines on both handles
• Above-the-bar pull-pull trim strap depower

On-water Performance
The GK Trix 9 m has all attributes that wakestyle riders are looking for. It has smooth power delivery, and can be tuned for your optimum steering speed and bar pressure. The Test Team liked the setup in the fastest turn mode and heaviest bar pressure for the best feedback. What’s amazing is how quickly and easily it is to change the A-KPO bridle setup. It makes a huge difference in the steering speed, feel and bar pressure of the kite. The Trix delivers some serious pop and when unhooked this kite pulls consistently with smooth, controlled power while in the centre of the power zone. Depower is definitely better than most C-kites and the stability and forgiveness of Trix would make it suitable for unhooked waveriding. The new GK bar setup also complements the overall package that GK delivers this year with the Sonic and the Trix. The quick-release trim loop is definitely the fastest to reload the Test Team has ever experienced. The small stopper ball system is sleek and easy to adjust and the new above-the-bar trim strap was appreciated by the wakestyle riders that prefer this style over the cleated below-the-bar systems.

Reality Check
The GK Trix does not relaunch as quickly as the Sonic and takes some extra steering line pull to pivot onto its wing tip. Anyone with a GK kite needs to take the time to change the A-KPO bridle settings to adjust the kite’s feel to your preference.

Bottom Line
GK Trix delivers optimum performance for any rider that wants a wakestyle kite that has a forgiving feel but desires access to smooth unhooked pop. The more you ride the Trix the better this kite starts to feel and perform.

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