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Jul 3, 2009

Author: SBC Test Team / Shane Thompson

Style: four-line SLE / Price: 12 m2: $1,499, 9 m2: $1,399 / What’s new: USB 2.0 bridle setup, flatter arc

The Session gets top marks for improving the most in performance over last year’s model. Geared towards the beginner, testers enjoyed this kite’s huge sweet spot, moderately fast, direct steering and easy access to pop and jumping. The Session’s stable and consistent pull makes it the perfect kite to practise any unhooked manoeuvres with less aggression than some supercharged models out there.

Key Kite Features
• Reinforced overlapping reinforced leading edge
• Flatter arc
• Internal reinforcement structure
• Diamond wing tips
• One-pump inflation system

Bar Setup and Safety Systems

• Axis four-line control bar
• Clean EVA foam grip
• Single flagging handle on one side
• Stopper ball system with long throw line
• Below-the-bar trim system with chrome cleat

On-water Performance
Our younger riders that push the limits of wakestyle, unhooked riding all fought to be on the Session during some Avon slick sessions. The Session kite feels faster, smoother and has increased stability over last year’s model. Easy back line pull water relaunch also makes it a great choice for beginners or riding in waves. It has the similar feel to the Havoc with a little less aggressive lofty hang time and less power is generated while aggressively steering the kite. The moderate back line bar pressure provides good positional feedback. Out of all of the kites geared towards the progressing rider, the Session has the easiest access to smooth pop while unhooked. As Test Team member Craig Cunningham noted, “I’d recommend this kite to anyone learning or looking to learn basic freestyle tricks...the range on this kite is huge and the steering is still very responsive even with a lot of depower pulled in.” The Session is a perfect kite for the young and aggressive beginner that wants to advance into freestyle quickly. Although many riders are looking to the high-powered and performance-charged Havoc in the LF lineup, intermediates and progressing riders should not overlook the overall freeride capability of the Session. It’s also a great kite for trying new tricks with more forgiveness, and less power and pull.

Reality Check
Some kite testers found that the safety system can sometimes jam up if sand gets lodged in there. Safety systems on all kites, however, need to be maintained and regularly cleaned and checked.

Bottom Line

The Session shows some marked improvements over last year’s model and if there was an award in this test for most improved it would be the top running. This a kite that allows beginners to learn the basics but it has plenty of performance for the elements of advanced riding.

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