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Slingshot RPM

Apr 3, 2010

Author: SBC Test Team / Shane Thompson

Voted Most Tunable!
Size Tested:
8, 10 m
Four line SLE Open Canopy

The new Slingshot RPM delivers maximum versatility without sacrificing an ounce of performance. The highly tunable and compact bridle system is framed by the new open “C” canopy give the RPM chameleon like capability of a kite that can excel at unhooked freestyle riding, yet transform in condition to hit the freeride wave and terrain park.

Control Bar and Safety System
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On The Water
The RPM steps up to the plate for unhooked performance that rivals the top C kites on the market. Compared to Octane the RPM feels more lively and is definitely attractive to the advanced wakestyle or freestyle rider. The new bar works effectively with the RPM and it really offers the quick and smooth adjustments of the trim line and the beefy swivel works effortlessly. The squared wing tips and powerful open C canopy deliver direct steering, good power generation through the turns and smooth kite loop action. The multiple bridle and wing tip attachment points transforms the RPM feel for a greater range of performance set-up this year. For unhooked sessions, the team preferred the freestyle setting with medium amounts of bar pressure and turning speed. The RPM has tremendous amounts of pop and great pull unhooked, giving good drift and loft with smooth landings on unhooked jumps. The RPM sits well forward in the wind window and has plenty of depower to make this a more than capable unhooked wave kite. It could also easily compete against the full-on wakestyle realm with its smooth unhooked pull and good amounts of control. This is a great kite for unhooked park riding, unhooked wave riding and powered freestyle. It has all the elements of control of the most popular C kites on the market but brings versatility with good tuning character which can enhance the depower and wind range.

Reality Check
The RPM delivers on its promises but some found the bar’s grip was harder on the hands than others.

Bottom Line
The RPM delivers excellent C-kite pull and unhooked performance for the most demanding freestyle riders. It has enough depower and good quick steering to make it a versatile travel companion in your quiver.

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