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Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

May 9, 2010

Author: Shane Thomson

Size Tested: 13, 11, 9 m
Style: Seven Strut BOW kite
The Crossbow started the BOW revolution and remains a powerhouse of speed and control, versatility and security. Positioned in the formidable Cabrinha lineup, as the freeride/race kite, the Crossbow is the dominant force on the race circuit and in the hearts of freeriders.

Bar and Safety Systems

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On the Water
The Crossbow has all the elements to make it a winner on the race course and it can branch into the All-Terrain/freeride category with easy-to-access flying character for any level rider. The first thing you notice about the Crossbow is the rock-solid shape it delivers, with the seven struts and compact bridles it sits confidently above head and there’s absolutely no tendency of back stalling or any other funky issues. The speed factor is immediately noticed as gusts translate instantly into speed with simple sheeting adjustments. Steering isn’t really required to keep the Crossbow in overdrive, as simple sheeting adjustments will seem to keep the kite in the fastest lane. The Crossbow sits solidly on the edge of the window and delivers excellent upwind suction. Bar pressure is moderate and ensures that the rider always knows where the kite is in the sky. Steering the kite through transitions, the Crossbow delivers smooth and powerful pull. It doesn’t have super quick turning but the smooth pull and easy drive of this kite more than make up for it. The upward loft and long glide of the Crossbow are unmatched in the right hands, and anyone looking to stay up in the air longer than their friends should consider this kite. Depower makes it a capable wave kite but it’s more suited to freeride blasting and big air, long float jumping. The IDS system has great safety features and quickly water relaunches the kite with a short pull of the steering lines.

Reality Check
The Crossbow is the ideal race kite but isn’t as versatile for other disciplines as some of the other competitors in the racing field.

Bottom Line
If easy access to speed and smooth power delivery is what your looking for the Crossbow delivers on all fronts. Its stability and wind range are second to none.

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