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Airush Varial

May 11, 2010

Author: SBC Test Team / Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 8, 10, 12 m
Style: Four-line SLE Hybrid

The all new Airush Varial is the all new All-Terrain, all-puropose workhorse, of the Airush lineup. Replacing the popular Flow models of past years, the Varial has improved all elements of flying character through the new ACTive Engineering (Active Conical Tension), Crux construction and improvements to the V3 Bridle system The Varial guarantees the performance ride with the peace of mind.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
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On the Water
The new Varial is a solid SLE design that raises the bar for Airush capability in the All-Terrain realm. With good smooth power and a solid canopy shape the Varial delivers great stability and inspires confidence in the air. Like all the top All-Terrain kites tested here, the Varial is well-balanced and has great drift capability as it stays airborn without line tension. Its well-balanced performance make this kite an ideal travel companion. The Varial has capable depower, excellent boost capability and improved overall handling from the old Flow models. Low-end power is commendable and the Varial delivers more grunt and pull than other models of the Airush lineup. Bar pressure is light and turning speed moderately fast. But with good smooth depower through gusts and controllable amounts of power generated during turns and Kite Loops, the Varial is fun for a wide range of conditions. Water relaunch is improved over last years’ Flow as the V3 bridles effectively manipulate the swept shape of the canopy and wing tips, for easy roll-over relaunch. Its performance caters to the more advanced freerider that wants one kite to perform well in every situation from freeride, waves and even some powered freestyle action

Reality Check
The above-the-bar trim straps, and the long throw line of the Varial make reaching them more difficult. Using the below-the-bar cleating option will correct this. Other kites in the Airush line have faster pivotal turning that might better suit the dedicated wave enthusiast more effectively.

Bottom Line
The Airush Varial is a top performer in the All-Terrain category that shows good improvements over the Flow models of the past and better low-end than the other kites in the lineup. It’s a good boosting, smooth powered kite that will appeal to the well traveled and experienced rider.

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