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Around the world in 4 weeks - Part 1 / Germany

After I got to spend the past six weeks at "home" in Australia and at least five of them stuck behind the computer it is now the other extreme that is calling again... a crazy travel schedule. Already my departure turned out crazy enough when I forgot something important at home and had to turn around after half an hour into the drive.

I was already on a tight schedule on my departure day... get up at 7 (after only 4 hours of sleep), drive up to Perth (4 hours),  meet Anthony from "Kite Life" (a TV series on FOX Australia) for an interview (1 hour), drop of our car to sell (1 hour) and ship some packages from a post office in Perth (half an hour) before checking in at 2pm at the latest....

I somehow managed to make everything just in time as always and once again sat down in the airplane exhausted and ready for a shower. While I don't particularly like flying anymore there ARE some things I DO like about sitting on a long distance flight -I get to lean back and relax and the chance to catch up with the e-mails I did not get a chance to reply to before. And it was right there that the first amazing thing of the journey happened to me - on my Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore I found a plug (yes, a REAL plug!) in the armrest between all the 4 chairs that I had all for myself! Space AND the possibility to work 6 hours straight! What a blessing!

Eventually I made it to Germany and even caught 5 hours of sleep on my flight from Singapore to Frankfurt. In Berlin I jumped into  the rental car (kindly payed for by Kiehl's - thank you! :) ), went to the doctors appointment that I had scheduled via e-mail a few days before and then drove straight to a meeting in Magdeburg (1.5 hours drive). It was a meeting concerning our KSP tour which I was very excited about and which turned out to be extremely interesting and productive.

With the IKA's decision and announcement having been released only 2 days earlier Mitu, Guilly, Sky and I were extremely excited to be able to take the KSP wave world tour to the next level but of course that also comes with the price of hard work and - in my case  - an even crazier travel schedule. I ended up having another meeting and quite a few phone calls concerning the KSP during my 3  days in Germany. The input so far is amazing and the support overwhelming. If you have not heard about it yet you can read all about
it at:

The real reason and original reason for me to fly to Germany however was a photoshoot with Kiehl's for one of their charity projects. I am always super stoked when I can help through any kind of charity programs and already 2 years ago I cooperated with Kiehl's  by designing a post card for a set they put together benefiting the World AIDS day. This time the benefiting charity was the ARCHE, a Germany based foundation that helps disabled children and their families. The idea was therefore to reach out to adults by reminding them of their childhood and the importance of that part of life.

Five celebrities from Germany (all actors and singers) and myself were invited to shoot with one of the most popular German photographers Nela Koenig and what were we shooting? Of course our childhood memories! We were asked to bring old toys and other things we had kept from our early years and I had asked my mum if they still have any of my old things in the basement. When I came home I was pretty taken  aback when I found my very favorite toys lying on the table and wow, I certainly felt set back in time for a moment there. It was then awesome to go to the shoot with all those toys I still felt so connected to and to actually be featured in a picture (which will end up as a billboard) together
with them! :)

The shoot turned out super fun, especially since I was meant to play my young me and was "riding" on an old East German bike in old  East German clothes, imitating a situation from back when I was 6 or 7. The crew was super cool, Nela great to shoot with and it was great to finally meet Lana from Kiehl's in person too after we had been working together on different things already. Kiehl's is also one of the  founding sponsors of KB4girls and don't only have the greatest natural cosmetic products but are also a truly inspiring company since they support those in need wherever they can.

So all in all a very successfull, memorizable 3 days in Germany in which I was still able to find some hours for my family and now it is off for to my next stop on my journey around the world - Cabo Verde! We got some meetings set up there too and you can guess for what... ;). I will let you know how we go and what my next stop on my journey is going to be soon, so stay tuned! :)

Best for now,

Lana and Nela checking out some of the pics
Kristin Boese

Nela shooting more of them
Kristin Boese

and yes, in case you were wondering, I am SUPPOSED to look dirty! ;)

and some of the ARCHE kids came too!

And it even snowed a tiny little bit while I was in Berlin!

Posted: February 15, 2011 at 01:58 PM
By: John Bryja

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