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cyclone bianca, the big swell and the couch potato

Things are going crazy here it seems... we have a cyclon warning going on and had a huge swell yesterday and today (with more to come I am sure). Now, the unusual thing about that NEVER usually are ANY cyclons in the south west corner of Australia and they say it is because the water temperature is warmer than usual

So while the water on the east coast is COLDER than normal (that is apparantly why we did not get any wind for the world cup in December) it is WARMER here? Well, that seems kind of odd and is hard to understand but what is also a bit scary is that they are forecasting strong rain and possible floods. It seems like Australia's nature is quite furiouse lately and I can somehow understand why.

Just the other day Sky told me that they were towing an oil platform past our prestine coastline and while people here have been demonstrating and signing petitions to do everything possible to prevent oil drilling off the shores of South Western Australia it seems like their efforts have not been very successful.. Also the coal mining down here is a big thread and it is sad to see what is done to those few places around the world that ARE still beautiful and intact. How would nature not get furious?

On the other hand side I am supposed to report about my life as a pro here but am afraid that there is not much to report right now. I have left the house a total of 2 times in the past 10 days and have been working on this crazy website here about 18 hours a day... I really hope that you girls are going to like it, appreciate it and more likely USE it! :)

Yesterday I did go to the beach because of the big swell that was hitting the coast here and I was stressing to get some things finished on the page and for the 2011 tour schedule to get to the beach as soon as possilbe. When I finally got to the beach at just before 3pm everyone was kiting and it looked fun (even though quite crumbly...). I got out my kite and board and was super excited to get some excercise and a nice kite session in! But wrong... a minute later all the kites started falling out of the sky and the wind had gone offshore (usually does not happen before 5pm here).

I was a bit bummed, jumped in the water anyways to at least get wet and went back to the couch where I am now still sitting... to get everything ready for the big release on the 1st! Not feeling like a pro-kiter at all right now... more like a couch potato. Undecided

Cheerio for now you gals,

talk soon!


Posted: January 28, 2011 at 06:36 AM
By: John Bryja

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