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My First Slingshot Ad

Eric Rienstra Slingshot Ad

I've always wanted to be featured in a Slingshot ad. Finally after nine years of riding hard here it is. My man Lance Koudele and I synced up for this shot during the 2012 Slingshot Photo Shoot in the Hood River, OR. On this day there was no wind in Hood so we drove like 3 hours to a place called 3 Mile. The wind was light and fluky when we first went out so I took a 13m, but as the sun started going down the wind strength increased (still fluky as shit). Lance set up on the pier so I was able to jump pretty close to him and still have time to avoid the beach after landing (barely), but if the kite went down it would for sure be on the rocks. Shymac held this huge ass bulb flash that pretty much lit up like the sun whenever Lance pulled the trigger. I looked into it a few times and had to land in a haze while my pupils re-dilated. The hardest part was getting close enough to the flash while maintaining solid power in the kite since the shore line was disturbing the wind. Usually I wouldn't be very stoked with a Raley shot but the lighting and scenery in this shot is one of a kind, gonna be hard to top this one. Watch out for the video coming out from the whole Hood River Shoot, should drop sometime before New Years. Peace.

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Posted: December 13, 2011 at 09:29 AM
By: John Bryja
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Spring Season on Maui

After spending a couple months in the snow I decided it was time for a change of climate. It would be a few months before it started warming up anywhere north of the tropics so at the end of January I headed out to Maui for the spring. Maui is one of my favorite places to ride, especially in the winter since I hate wetsuits. The NE trade winds here are pretty consistent and strong through the winter, and on those off days there is usually some swell to surf. This year the conditions have been good with only a couple weeks of no wind. There have been a couple big swells but for the most part it’s been pretty average.









I’ve been spending most of my time hitting kickers at Kitebeach with the Newton wakeboard. The increased rocker compared to a kiteboard is just what I need to handle such hard, slacked landings. I don’t really need to worry about it slowing me down or dragging me down wind since it is usually blowing 20+ mph. The kickers are great since they aren't part of a surf break, allowing me to drop my kite without worrying about it getting eaten by a wave. If it is not that windy or there are no kickers I ride the Darkside since the flatter rocker lets me plane easier. The wind is rarely north enough to fill in at the pro pool but when it is it is a great flat water spot. Maui Sunset in Kihei is also pretty flat but only works on a south wind.










Recently I’ve been mostly working on adding grabs to my flat spins. It has been a lot of fun and feels unbelievable when you nail it right. My favorite thing to do right now is add the grab after the handle pass. You really have to have the spin down to be balanced enough to focus on a grab so late in the trick. If you want to see what I’m talking about click here to check out a video of a Backside 3 with a late grab.








When the swell starts pumping I bust out the Tyrant and hit the surf. I usually ride the right at Lanes, but if the wind is really strong and east there is a sick left near my house at Waiehu. Make sure you lock your car if you ever go to Lanes though because I had my gear ripped off while I was out riding. Luckily I was able to recover it all when the thief sold it to a guy at Kitebeach. Other than that I’ve hit up the lower reef at Kanaha, Pier One and Sugar Cove a couple times.







I’ve got a couple more weeks here to hone in some new tricks before I head back to the East Coast to kick off the summer season and hit up the 2011 Triple S Invitational at Real Watersports in Cape Hatteras, NC. Hope to see ya there! Peace.

Posted: April 24, 2011 at 06:24 AM
By: John Bryja
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Water & Snow: Two Sides of the Same Coin

This last month has been pretty lax. I've been at home in Tahoe visiting family and friends before the 2011 season kicks in. We got a lot of snow before Christmas and the temperature has stayed pretty cold so it's not too hard yet.

Tried to get some snow kite sessions in but the wind here is tough to track down. I pumped up a few times but by the time I could make one reach the wind would shift and I'd have to walk back. That and you need a ton of power to ride upwind in waist deep powder.

I've mostly just been playing a lot of Black Ops and hitting the hand rail across the street from my house. Also been a few good days dropping some cliffs and shredding the park at the resorts.

I'm amazed at how well my rail skills on a wakeboard cross over to snowboarding. It's almost like they are the same thing. Kind of like water and snow: the same but different. I just wish we had features this sick in the water.

Tomorrow I'm off to Utah for a week to try and track down some wind. Wish me luck.

Posted: January 11, 2011 at 07:12 AM
By: John Bryja
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