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2011 SLINGSHOT RPM 12 m, 9 m

Jun 17, 2011

Author: SBC Test Team

The Slingshot RPM is a 4 line bridled kite with 3 strut and “open C” canopy shape. Refinements in full suspension bridle, customizable attachment points and the adoption of the classic split strut technology, have catapulted the RPM to new levels of advanced freestyle performance.

Performance Highlights
• Unmatched unhooked stability
• Easier to relaunch than any C kite
• Fast and nimble turning with perfect power delivery

On the Water
The RPM set the standard for unhooked freestyle performance in this test. It was in a league of its own for the more advanced freestyle riders. The superior stability when unhooked really lets the rider concentrate on keeping a controlled edge for huge pop and then the kite remains solidly stable while in the air and provides good line slack for passing the bar and dialing in your maneuver. Nice direct feel from the bar keeps you connected to the kites whereabouts in the sky, but doesn’t fatigue your arms. The kite pulls solidly and can smoothly react to bar in put and gives a good connected feel through the control system.  Good amounts of depower on the RPM will tame out any gusts and the canopy remains solid and is reactive to bar input when you need it to be. There’s smooth power delivery and the kite can loop and pivot fast to ensure smooth landings. With the open C canopy shape and the compact bridles, the RPM is also effortless for water relaunch. Its fast steering and solid stability, with good drift capability make the RPM wave worthy especially for down the line unhooked surf styles. It really lends confidence to be able to try new tricks or charge into the waves when you know there’ll be no issues with getting it flying again without effort.

Reality Check
The RPM didn’t rip you to the stratosphere for big air jumps, and its sits back in the window more than some may prefer as it doesn’t shoot the edge of the window.

Bottom Line
The RPM shows some impressive improvements from last year with as the addition of the  “split strut” frame structure gives it a more precision control and feel to it. This RPM is ideal for intermediate to advanced level riders that want to unhook and throw down at their local slick, and then venture to the wave break for some unhooked strapless wave smacking.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
The 2011 Comp Stick delivers some great safety and performance with 700 lb test lines and solid working push away safety systems. The rubberized grip is durable and textured for no look, bar positioning. The active stopper ball systems, ultra long throw line are made possible with the below the bar cleat system.  The cleat  adjustment is located below the bar and gives the ability of a ton of trim length. The large swivel at the front line V, make this bar system the best at never having twists in the front lines. The safety system is engaged as the mini fifth line pulls smoothly through the trim loop. It allows for reliable re ride performance. The Active Stopper ball is appreciated for its ability to be moved by pushing the bar up the trim line. Many stopper ball systems are fixed and can only be moved with your hand. Overall, the Comp Stick bar has some great engineered parts that give it top levels of safety and performance.


Slingshot - 2011 RPM from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

2011 RPM Product Tech from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.


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